Chasers of the Light

Tyler Knott Gregson + Sarah Linden

My Published Works

These are my should probably buy one, or all, because then I don't have to sell, and then move out of my house.

Wildly Into the dark

Wildly Into The Dark is my third, and by far most intimate, book of poetry.  It's filled with more Typewriter Series poetry, photographs with accompanying captions, and for the first time, "Scenes," that paint the world how my weird brain sees it.  I hope you dig it.

chasers of the light

Chasers of the Light is the nationally best-selling book that started it all.  My first book of poetry, filled with Typewriter Series poems, photographs with poetic captions, and Blackout Poetry.  This crazy book was an experiment that took me to places I couldn't imagine.

North Pole Ninjas

North Pole Ninjas:  Mission Christmas is my first children's book with the lovely and talented Sarah Linden, and aims to create a new Holiday tradition, bringing kindness, charity, compassion, and empathy back to the entire holiday season.  Each kit comes with the hardcover origin story picture book, 50 super secret Kindness missions, and a plush Santa's Sensei to help kids complete their missions and remind them of the true spirit. 

all the words are yours

All The Words Are Yours is a compilation of Daily Haiku on Love that I have been writing for almost a decade straight, as well as photographs and typewriter typed haiku.  It's a book on love, and we need lots more of that on this crazy planet.