Chasers of the Light

Tyler Knott Gregson + Sarah Linden


Hi. We are Tyler Knott Gregson and Sarah Linden and we have been chasing the light together all over this beautiful blue marble for damn near a decade. We've photographed all types of weddings with all types of people all over this world.

We know what matters most. We know the value of a single fleeting moment. We believe in capturing those silent moments, the ones that stand out tall and live between all the others that were supposed to matter more. The secret miracles and the stolen breaths. When the dust settles and the pictures find themselves framed on the wall, it's those that matter...the nervous glance, the belly laugh, the last deep breath. The calm and the frenzy. There is so much life and we will always do our best to capture it all in a way that matters, truly matters, and always will.

Whatever you need, we can help. Contact us and we can start showing you your life, how you've never seen it before...